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It all started with a question:

How can we make better drains for food and beverage facilities?

We were told drainage issues were insurmountable — we’re glad we didn’t listen.

FoodSafe Drains is fully committed to providing sanitary, safe, and cost-effective drainage solutions for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. As a Global Drain Technologies company, we have stayed true to our cause, always delivering on our promise and providing high-quality products, expert advice, and exceptional value to our clients.


The North American slot drain was invented by Glen Kehler in the 1980s, which he turned into a business that he ran for over 20 years. After being acquired by Global Drain Technologies, focus pivoted to becoming experts in hygienic stainless steel manufacturing, and as demand for better drainage systems grew, FoodSafe Drains was born.

Now, we are at the cutting edge of sanitary facility design, designing products to protect food facilities and make our customers’ lives easier. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of sanitary drainage has resulted in several innovations – the Slot Hog and Magnetic Locking Strainer to name a few. We are committed to continuing development of new products and technologies that will help push food facilities into the future.

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