Wednesday, July 26, 2023


India should have 50 or more states. UP’s dominance causing resentment

The less populous US has 50 states and the more homogenous China has 34 administrative regions, why shouldn’t India consider establishing fifty or more administrative regions?

Internet shutdown didn’t protect Manipur. Govt used it to hide its shame

Shutdowns like those in Manipur and Kashmir amount to an economic war against the civil society in today’s digital India.

Indian freebies are working. But it’s not reducing poverty, only making people spend less

Subsidies are here to stay. Worryingly, subsidy expenditure will likely increase as Indian politicians try to meet a wider set of aspirations through more diverse freebies.

Forget Congress dynasty, BJP-RSS politics has been more harmful for India

Making fun of 'parivarvad' and Rahul Gandhi is no longer effective. The assessment of dynasty rule should be comprehensive, not just limited to party propaganda.

IITs, IIMs are failing Dalit students. Work with Harvard, Johns Hopkins to counter suicides

Aniket Ambhore and Darshan Solanki aren't mere names in a statistical report. Our esteemed institutions have failed to protect them.

Something ties UP to TN: their inability to spend allocated budget. And parties thrive on it

Data reveals that states with a lower variance between their estimates and their actual expenditure do better in terms of governance outcomes. Spending less isn't the solution.

Why won’t Modi axe Manipur CM Biren Singh? 4 reasons why he won’t & 5 reasons why he must

The violence in Manipur will pass like the Covid second wave did, and everyone will forget Biren Singh’s follies. Or so the BJP strategist must think.

Xi-Kissinger meeting sends a direct message to US: accommodate China, don’t contain

Henry Kissinger’s visit highlights Beijing’s inability to find support in Washington’s political beltway against the Joe Biden administration’s China agenda.

Manipur sexual violence is political. Don’t deny accountability by calling it a ‘mindless mob’

India cannot reduce or excuse the gang mentality seen in Manipur as innate tendencies or human nature. These mobs have purposeful goals, their intent is structured and coherent.

I spent 6 weeks with Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV. Here’s how it behaves—highways to city traffic

Hyundai IONIQ5 provides an impressive average of almost seven kilometers per unit of electricity, costing only Rs 1.2 per kilometer on city roads.

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GDP to IIP—Indian statistical systems have bigger problems than ‘underestimating’ population

It is always a good idea to see if survey results are consistent with other indicators of the economy. The problems of measurement make it difficult to do this in India.

Gold listless as traders avoid big bets ahead of Fed decision

By Seher Dareen (Reuters) - Gold struggled for momentum on Wednesday as traders refrained from making big bets ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve's policy decision due later in the day. Spot gold


File photo of Ajit Doval with Wang Yi | ANI

LAC tensions eroded trust says Ajit Doval, as China pushes for...

China's Wang Yi met NSA Ajit Doval in Johannesburg. Both sides agreed that the India-China bilateral relationship is significant not only for the two countries but also for the region and world.
Illustration: Soham Sen

New BJP govt, old divisive ways. Biren’s rule shows party never...

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, and by implication, the BJP nationally and the Modi government are all under attack over anarchy in the...