Tuesday, July 25, 2023
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The Dutch have apologised for their part in slave trade. Now, India must own up to its mistakes

‘No day goes’, the chronicler Shihabuddin al-Umari recorded during Alauddin Khalji’s rule from 1296-1316, ‘without the sale of thousands of slaves.’

In Hardeep Singh Nijjar killing, look beyond the usual suspect. There is gangs, guns and God

Killings of Khalistanis in recent weeks raise the obvious questions about possible Indian state involvement.

India went to Myanmar to hunt down Manipur soldier killers. Now, it’s letting them slip away

Faced with escalating ethnic violence in Manipur—and a stalled peace process in Nagaland—New Delhi faces impossible choices.

Putin sees himself as a tsar. He’s even repeating their deadly mistakes

Putin’s failures in Ukraine — material shortage, incompetent leadership, deserting soldiers — are the same as the tsar during World War I. The latter led to the Russian revolution.

Pakistan is being run by its very own Ayatollahs. But this time, Jihadists aren’t to blame

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Pakistan’s Generals can’t risk opening a fourth front. Their surrender to the Tehreek-e-Labbaik last week demonstrates just how fragile the foundations of the State itself have become.

In Manipur govts have manufactured dystopia for decades, not peace. It’s showing now

Learning all the wrong lessons from the British empire, independent India chose to rule the northeast through cash and coercion.

75 years of blasphemy killings in Pakistan. God has a vigilante army

There’s no will in Pakistan to engage in the fraught debate that the Quran has 'no notion of blasphemy'. The blasphemy laws show that real power lies with the clerics.

Celebration of Indira Gandhi’s killing shows old communal hatreds still hurt Indians abroad

The inability of Indians to have a conversation about the past—the bombing of Air India, 1984 riots, storming of the Golden Temple—has poisoned communal relationships.

Pakistani Generals have a history of censoring media. Imran Khan is just the latest victim

The chokehold of the Pakistani military on ideas has created a republic of fear. For Indians, the crisis ought to remind just how fragile democratic freedoms are.

Pakistan was broke in 1953 too and Nehru had a deal on Kashmir. Then this happened

For all the talk of jihad-without-end over Kashmir, leaders of Pakistan knew the country needed to reduce military expenditures. That meant seeking peace.

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