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Load Classifications

(AS PER DIN EN 1433) 

We understand that drainage needs to be durable and withstand all types of traffic. Food Safe drains are built to last, even vehicular traffic which makes our drains suitable for your whole facility. 

Our drainage experts are available to discuss your project’s load requirements today! 

Load Class A
3,372 lbs – light duty only, suitable for pedestrian traffic. 
Load Class B
28,101 lbs – light tire traffic only, suitable for sidewalks and residential parking. 
Load Class C
56,200 lbs – heavy duty traffic, commercial application ready. 
Load Class D
89,920 lbs – extra heavy duty, suitable for roads and highways. 
Load Class E
134,800 lbs – industrial rated, for commercial solid tires or metal wheels (forklifts).
Load Class F
202,320 lbs – extreme heavy duty traffic, reserved for ports or airports.
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