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Inhalers to cough drops or soothing balm — Winter is here and it smells like Vicks VapoRub

From stuffy nose, chest congestion to scratchy throat, good ol' Vicks has been the go-to product for generations.

Camlin – a stationery stalwart that popularised art education in Indian schools

Camlin traces its origin to an Indian company that made ink in the 1930s. Today, the firm has a Japanese owner and continues to remain a dominant force in the stationery industry.

‘Pitaji ki patloon’ to ‘uncle ji ki kursi’ — Cadbury 5 Star hit the spot with Ramesh-Suresh duo

The iconic twosome became cult figures in the early 2010s for their quirky antics and became synonymous with the chocolate bar.

How marketing ‘comfort for the common man’ made Rupa standout in India’s innerwear market

The family-owned enterprise did not have a roaring start. But with solid marketing practices in place, Rupa climbed the ladder of success and went on to dominate the market.

Synonymous with ‘paani’, Italian-origin Bisleri made water a commodity in India

Acquired by Chauhan brothers for Rs 4 lakh in 1969, Bisleri has come a long way and is now an integral part of the Indian consumer culture.

Ash Ketchum has finally won a Pokémon League. But he has always been a winner

For young kids watching Pokémon, Ash was nothing less than a role model. He cried, threw tantrums, felt dejected and lost a lot. But he stood by his principles, no matter what.

Cartoon Network turns 30 and millennials are nostalgic, feeling older than ever

Launched in India on 1 May, 1995, Cartoon Network offered a bedrock for animated content to the cable TV watching generation, aka the millennials.

‘Femina’, ‘Meri Saheli’ or ‘Grihshobha’ — women’s magazines are the original ‘influencers’

These magazines often drew readers into the nitty-gritty of running a household, while also allowing women some much-needed downtime.

Nirodh – cheap condoms that led India’s family planning project but undone by lousy branding

Nirodh might not be a popular choice, but India’s first govt-owned condom brand has a zany history consisting of terrible branding and marketing blunders.

Nirula’s — Dates to birthday parties, Delhi’s favourite restaurant is a place of many ‘firsts’

From burgers to a whopping 21 flavours of ice creams, Nirula’s was the first to the wonders of American fast food. But, with the entry of MNCs McDonald’s and KFC, its shine began to dim.

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China uses UK universities, think tanks to promote its interest. Academics...

Western academics are championing the cause of the PLA, the CCP, and Xi Jinping at the cost of their nations.

G20 draft tweaked to reflect dissent on cutting ‘unabated’ fossil fuels

By Sudarshan Varadhan and Nidhi Verma BAMBOLIM, India (Reuters) - A draft statement by Group of 20 energy officials was edited on Saturday to reflect concerns from some members on phasing down "


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Indian military faces staggering shortfall of 11,266 young officers, Modi govt...

MoD is considering making 'short service entry more attractive' to mitigate shortage, clarified that available strength is adequate to meet current operational requirements.
Illustration: Soham Sen

New BJP govt, old divisive ways. Biren’s rule shows party never...

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, and by implication, the BJP nationally and the Modi government are all under attack over anarchy in the...