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Women were equal to men in early Aryan culture. It changed when they settled on Ganga plains

In ‘The Future in The Past’, historian Romila Thapar revisits Indian history and expands the narrative beyond kings, battles and territories won and lost.

Who is Bahubali? ‘Strong-armed’ mythological figure Jains hold sacred

Bahubali is mentioned in the religious literature of both the Svetambara and Digambara sects of Jainism, although his worship is more prominent among Digambaras.

Indira Gandhi, Ronald Reagan exchanged polite letters for show. Neither’s heart was in it

In 'Centres of Power', Chinmaya R. Gharekhan recalls his years working in former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's office.

Vivekananda wanted to wash Jesus’ feet with his blood. Even invited Christian missionaries to India

In ‘Vivekananda: The Philosopher of Freedom', Govind Krishnan V talks about the monk's deep interest in Christian theology, topics that are arcane for lay Christians.

Sabira Merchant gave Mumbai its first nightclub in the 80s. Disco fever took over the city

Studio29 came out of a chance meeting of two strangers at a hair salon on a rainy afternoon. It was nothing less than sleight...

Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to buy Goa from Portuguese—this betrayal of trust infuriated Nehru

In ‘Goa, 1961’, Valmiki Faleiro provides a detailed account of the political climate and events leading up to Goa's liberation from the Portuguese in 1961.

The Muslim warrior class can never match a Jat Sikh, said this Indian photographer in Pakistan

A great proportion of Indians look at Pakistan with loathing and contempt, an imbalance that exposes the futility of a policy of terror.

Aditya Puri was top performer at Citibank. At HDFC, he was dismissed as a flash in the pan

In ‘Adityanama’, Smiley Puri offers an insight into the remarkable life of her husband, the legendary Indian banker Aditya Puri.

What Brigadier Saurabh Singh Shekhawat endured when he said he was a Rajput

In ‘Balidan’, Swapnil Pandey recounts the tales of soldiers from India’s Para Special Forces who have won the coveted Balidan badge.

This 7th-century boulder tells the tale of Arjuna’s penance to Shiva during Mahabharata

The bas relief is populated by 150 figures, ranging from gods, goddesses, rishis, hunters and animals to hybrid figures.

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China uses UK universities, think tanks to promote its interest. Academics...

Western academics are championing the cause of the PLA, the CCP, and Xi Jinping at the cost of their nations.

G20 draft tweaked to reflect dissent on cutting ‘unabated’ fossil fuels

By Sudarshan Varadhan and Nidhi Verma BAMBOLIM, India (Reuters) - A draft statement by Group of 20 energy officials was edited on Saturday to reflect concerns from some members on phasing down "


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Indian military faces staggering shortfall of 11,266 young officers, Modi govt...

MoD is considering making 'short service entry more attractive' to mitigate shortage, clarified that available strength is adequate to meet current operational requirements.
Illustration: Soham Sen

New BJP govt, old divisive ways. Biren’s rule shows party never...

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, and by implication, the BJP nationally and the Modi government are all under attack over anarchy in the...