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Michel’s Bakery is a 100,000 sq. ft. industrial food processing plant, that produces top-quality baked goods from their facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are family-owned and operated and have been in business since 1898. They have stringent quality control and pay close attention to detail, which extends to the infrastructure of their facilities.


Due to the nature of the many products used by the bakery, traditional floor drains were often needing to be repaired or replaced.

Fruits, food acids, and sugars attack and wear away at the drainage systems in processing areas — a common problem for many different food processing facilities.


After researching replacement options for their drains, Michel’s Bakery reached out and got in touch with our FoodSafe Drain experts.

“I decided to retrofit three 20 ft. sections of floor drains in our mixing area,” says Jon Liss, President of Michel’s Bakery.

“In a timely fashion, you supplied drawings and specifications to match my needs. I placed an order and the materials were received on time, properly packed and protected for delivery.”

“Installation was a breeze,” says Jon.


When later asked about his satisfaction with his drains, Jon shared a list of his favorite features with us.

“The drains are all heavy-duty stainless steel and should last for decades, are easily cleaned and sanitized, and can withstand forklift traffic without a problem. I am proud to show off my slot drains to visitors to my plant and I plan to install FoodSafe Slot Drains in more areas of my facility.”

“Any new facility that I build will be spec’d with FoodSafe Slot Drains.”

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