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NSA & SC/ST Act — all about the stringent laws invoked against MP man who urinated on tribal

SC/ST Act prioritises social justice, seeking to protect the rights of the communities. NSA is applied when someone is seen to be disturbing peace and harmony.

What is ‘GIFT Nifty’ — the new avatar of the India-Singapore joint stock exchange, now in Gujarat

The cross-border initiative connecting India & Singapore’s capital markets will now be traded from GIFT city in Gandhinagar, the country's 1st international financial services centre.

Testing capabilities, setting stage for 2025 moon mission — what’s the purpose of Chandrayaan-3 

On 14 July, ISRO’s third moon mission will be launched from Sriharikota. Merely a tech demonstrator aimed at test landing and roving capabilities, it doesn’t carry sophisticated payloads

All about Hague court that’s declared its ‘competence’ to hash out India-Pakistan Indus waters dispute

Permanent Court of Arbitration will hear proceedings initiated by Pakistan over Kishanganga & Ratle hydro projects even as India says it won't participate in the 'illegal' proceedings.

How the once world-beating West Indies is now an ODI team that can’t even qualify for the World Cup

Two-time champions fail to qualify 2023 Cricket World Cup after consecutive losses to Zimbabwe, the Netherlands & Scotland. But their fall from grace has been in making over the years.

No more race-conscious college admissions in US. What SCOTUS ruling means & what dissenting judges said

Court ruled that considering race as factor in admissions violates Equal Protection Clause of Constitution. Dissenting judges argued that race matters in reality & not just in law.

Can a governor dismiss a minister? Tamil Nadu row revives debate on discretionary powers

Ravi order to dismiss Senthil Balaji, now in abeyance, called 'unconstitutional'. SC previously held governor must act on advice of council of ministers barring ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Owaisi just challenged Modi to scrap Hindu Undivided Family. What it is & how it helps save on taxes

Responding to PM Modi’s comments on Uniform Civil Code, Owaisi said HUFs provide tax relief to Hindus. But it has significant downsides, such as being prone to family squabbles.

Playing catch-up! Why monsoon’s delayed arrival in India this yr won’t affect its overall performance

There has been a speedy advancement of monsoon to various parts of India because of the low-pressure area created in Bay of Bengal Sunday, strengthening impact of monsoon showers.

No nail samples of value, no photo — MP HC order acquitting death row convict of rape, murder

35-yr-old accused had been awarded death penalty by a special sessions court in 2018 case. Madhya Pradesh HC acquitted him 'by giving him the benefit of doubt'.

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GDP to IIP—Indian statistical systems have bigger problems than ‘underestimating’ population

It is always a good idea to see if survey results are consistent with other indicators of the economy. The problems of measurement make it difficult to do this in India.

Oil eases on higher US stockpiles, caution ahead of likely Fed...

By Yuka Obayashi and Trixie Yap (Reuters) -Oil prices eased on Wednesday off three-month highs as industry data showed a stock build in U.S. crude inventories and investors remained cautious ahead of


File photo of Ajit Doval with Wang Yi | ANI

LAC tensions eroded trust says Ajit Doval, as China pushes for...

China's Wang Yi met NSA Ajit Doval in Johannesburg. Both sides agreed that the India-China bilateral relationship is significant not only for the two countries but also for the region and world.
Illustration: Soham Sen

New BJP govt, old divisive ways. Biren’s rule shows party never...

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, and by implication, the BJP nationally and the Modi government are all under attack over anarchy in the...