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E*TRADE offers a variety of solutions for all kinds of investors and traders—with no account minimums and no confusing jargon. Build your portfolio with access to intuitive tools, resources and help whenever you need it.


Whether you’re new to investing or looking to complement an existing Morgan Stanley relationship, we may just have an account for you.

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E*TRADE Baby “Off The Grid”

When the E*TRADE baby finds out about the state of personal finances, he realizes retirement will have to wait. Check out what happens.

Source: Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

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Our Financial Advisors provide a range of solutions to meet you where you are—no matter your starting point or preferred investing approach.
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Work toward a goal with a diversified, online portfolio and the ability to invest in themes you choose.
Invest and trade how you want and where you want with $0 commission trades¹ and award-winning tools and resources from one of the pioneers of digital investing.

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